SMAART System and Room Analysis...


Smaart software and Analysis is based on real-time fast Fourier transform (FFT) analysis, including dual-FFT audio signal comparison, called "transfer function", and single-FFT spectrum analyzer.It includes maximum length sequence (MLS) analysis as a choice for impulse response, for the measurement of room acoustics. The FFT implementation of Smaart is a multi-time window (MTW) solution in which the FFT, rather than being a fixed length, is made increasingly shorter as the frequency increases.This feature allows the software to 'ignore' later signal reflections from walls and other surfaces, increasing in coherence as the audio frequency increases.

Our services include the following;

     •     System Analysis

     •     Room Analysis

     •     RTA and Spectrograph

     •     Phase and Magnitude Measurement

     •     System Time Alignment

     •     Speaker and System response measurement