Live Sound & Audio / Visual

     •     Corporate events, Seminars and Presentations

     •     Festivals, Street Fairs, County Fairs

     •     Music in the Park

     •     Private Concerts

     •     Car Rallies and Clubs

     •     Celebrations

     •     Live Musical Performances

     •     Nightclubs

     •     Hotel Ballrooms

     •     Private Parties

     •     Auctions

     •     Race Events

     •     Fitness Events

     •     School Rally's

     •     4th of July Celebrations and Events

     •     School Home Coming events

     •     Weddings and Receptions

     •     Church Concerts, Venues and other Religious Events

     •     Concert venues (small to large, indoor/outdoor)

     •     Live Recording

     •     DJ System Rental

     •     DJ Sound Systems

     •     DJ Lighting

     •     Trussing

     •     Staging

Concert and Event Staging

Our staging department has designed our stage for outdoor usage. This portable staging system is rugged and built for the heavy demands of production tours. Built from the ground up just to work outdoor concerts, festivals and special events.

Outdoor events rarely occur on a flat surface, our portable staging features a leveling system within the structure. The Trinity Productions stage is ready to go just about anywhere you would want to place stage. Parking lots and grass fields or parks are the norm for us and pose little challenge. The stage you want, where you need it. Trinity Production delivers every time, on time.

Staging may be provided with optional truss supports for roof structures, lighting or flying of sound reinforcement speaker systems.

Talent and Band Booking

Trinity Productions has formed alliances with some of the major talent agencies in Northern California and offers full turnkey Concerts including band/ today for more info.

Installed System Analysis (click for more info)

• SMAART System Analysis and computerized room response


• Sound Level recording and reporting

Event Lighting

LED PAR systems for stages, corporate events, graduation

ceremonies, awards presentations, etc.


Lighting Systems are ground supported or flown, hung from ceiling, existing roof structures or trussing

Intelligent (automated moving moving mirror) lighting systems, stand alone or integrated with conventional PAR systems

Projections – static or programmed motion including corporate logos, generic logos, etc, any image can be made into a projection pattern in b/w, grey scale, or color

Atmospheric effects (smoke, haze, simulated lightning)  


     •     Sound system operational training

     •     Mixer and mixing training

     •     Setup and mic placement training

     •     Speaker placement

     •     Cabling and setup

     •     System tuning

     •     System equalization