Peavey speakers,microphones, amps, guitars, bass, instrument amps

Audix wired and wireless microphones

CBI cables, snakes, direct boxes,

mic and speaker cables

B52 DJ systems, speakers, amps


floor, wall, table, and ceiling boxes specializing in AV connectivity needs as well as a full line of interfaces, distribution amplifiers, matrix switchers, seamless switchers and CATx solutions

Yorkville speakers,microphones, amps, instrument amps

Allen & Heath mixers, mixing consoles, analog and digital

Wired and specialty microphones and accessories, stands and adapters

Special Effects, Fog, Haze, Snow, Bubbles, Confetti and the list goes on.

Acoustical Panels and Solutions for Studio, Churches, Schools

anywhere acoustical treatment is needed

Blizzard Lighting

LED Moving Heads, Yokes, PAR, Lasers and Effects

Numark DJ mixers, controllers, players, headphones, turntables, software, cartridges, video

M-Audio Mixers, Keyboards, Monitors, Recording interfaces, Controllers, Microphone PreAmps, Software, Digital DJ, Home Studio Equipment

Wired and wireless microphones

and accessories, Personal Monitor systems, all things good in microphones


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West Coasts  dB Technologies and RCF Speakers Headquarters


Apex accessories for sound and audio systems


ART processors, equalizers, compressors, effects units, direct boxes, audio tools


VTC Pro Audio high end line arrays, subwoofers, processors and amplifiers


Traynor guitar and bass amplifiers


QSC line arrays, subwoofers, stage monitors, powered speakers, amplifiers, processors, speaker management systems


RCF speakers, line arrays, powered speakers, subwoofers, stage monitors, install and portable systems  

Microphones and headphones

DB Technologies speakers, line arrays, powered speakers, subwoofers, stage monitors, install and portable systems  

Countryman specialty microphones, condenser, head-worn, lapel, lavaliere, boundary microphones, direct boxes

Led Lighting, LED PARS,Trussing and Sound Systems Speakers

Mixers, Recording Interface, Preamps, Compressors, Software

Mixers, Speakers, Subwoofers, Studio Monitoring, Digital Recording, Amplifiers, Processors, Accessories

Electrovoice speakers, line arrays, powered speakers, subwoofers, stage monitors, install and portable system

AKAI Pro Mixers, Keyboards, Pad Controllers, Cartridges, Monitors, Recording Interfaces, Guitar Pedals

Mixers, speakers, amplifiers, lighting systems, Dj mixers, audio interfaces, digital mixers, processors, subwoofers, line arrays

Heil Sound wired microphones and accessories


Ashly processors, equalizers, mixers, speaker management systems

TASCAM CD players/recorders, cassette players/recorders, DVD players, mixers, recording interfaces, mixing tools, live sound, studio sound

Grundorf cases of all types and sizes, speakers, subs, line arrays, monitors, racks, accessories, stands, etc.



Radial Engineering direct boxes, audio interfaces, instrument processors,  splitters,  guitar pedals, preamps, switchers, snakes, audio distribution

K&M microphone and speakers stands, instrument stands, accessories

Crest Audio Mixers, Amplifiers, Signal Routing systems

Led Lighting, LED PARS,Scanners, Moving Head fixtures, Lasers, DJ, Club , Stage Lighting

Wired and wireless microphones

and accessories

RAPCO / Horizon cables, snakes, direct boxes,

mic and speaker cables, plates, all things cabling

BAG END full range , passive and powered speakers, subwoofers, instrument systems, studio systems and raw drivers

Alesis Mixers, Keyboards, , Percussion, Drum Components, Monitors, Recording interfaces, Amplifiers Processors and Accessories

Equipment and Road Cases and Accessories

Speaker Stands, Mic Stands, Instrument Stands, Guitar Stands, Keyboard Stands, Lighting Stands, Studio Stands, Soft Goods

American DJ Lighting and Audio products, LED lighing, moving heads, effects, stands, truss